Introduction to Find the Best Penny Stock Winners

Stock Investments

There are many penny stock investment experts who believe that penny stocks are worth nothing. Investment in small cap stocks is dangerous and the investors need to avoid them for their high volatility. If you are ignoring penny stocks, it doesn’t mean that rest of the world also doesn’t appreciate them. The analysis of these stocks with identification of right companies is never a wrong deal. You may become a part of the future giant by trusting the newbie investors and purchasing their stocks at the lowest prices.

Buying shares of a company means that you trust the particular organization and get issued shares of the associated group. It is the best way to obtain funds from the public and mark the high-end business strategies to get high ROI for the stock holders and of course, the company. visit to read how to choose reliable penny stock companies. Despite of fluctuations, the stock prices of a prosperous company grows or remains consistent. It can also drop, but the percentage is on lower side. The price of stocks drops due to economic problems on global or local basis. Over the time, there are many prosperous companies having rise in price of their shares and it can earn higher fortunes for the stock holders. The financial analysts reveal that many stocks have outperformed all the investment instruments in the long term.

Analysis in selection of the Good Stocks

It is essential for the investors to check out the right company for making investment. There are many guidelines to follow in doing your homework to find out the most appropriate company to make investment. The process is termed as Fundamental Analysis. The stock selection criteria are different for all the people and hence, they should be ethically followed to make the right decision.

The criteria for selection of good stocks are discussed below. There are fundamental and technical terms involved in this process and the penny stocks have to fulfill a certain criteria to find out the most appropriate results.

Important requirements to study a company are:

  • Product: The services or product offered by the company requires the maximum research. You need to see whether the offering of the company has effective requirements among people and are demanded in huge number. If the company produces best products or gives most required services, the probability of its success increases.
  • Profitability: Company’s profit rates and stock prices over a period of three or more years needs to be calculated. The debt levels, assets and financial condition should be taken into reference.
  • Management: The management strategies and key persons of the company should be considered as the associated people with diligence and good reputation always give better results to the company. The financial reports can be viewed to get the better idea about the finance management of the company. CEO is the key person of the company and his/her reputation matters the most in bringing the better status of the company.
  • Resilience: The robustness level and potential to withstand inflation is important to be considered for finding the company’s stats.

Introduction to Find the Best Penny Stock Winners

Technical analysis to select the best stocks

Technical analysis is essential to uncover the best stocks for investment. It attempts in determining the futuristic price trends of any share by analyzing its history and trade volumes. There are many indicators for showing the real stats of the company in the market sectors. The use of these technical analyses can indicate the present achievements of market sectors and helps the investors in selecting the best stocks belonging to a specific sector. The commonly used technical indicators are averages, pie charts, trend lines, bar graphs, supports, volume, relative strength, oscillators and stock patterns. These indicators are represented in different forms and the internet software applications are designed specifically to meet these technical usages.

Penny Stock Arguments

The thinking of investors about penny stocks is different. To begin, they need to understand the real definition of penny stocks. These are similar to other stocks available in the market, but the important difference is that these are cheap in prices (below $5 per share). Actually, the new and small companies issue these shares as they have smaller market cap than other stocks. This is the major reason of the low pricing.

Penny Stocks vs Other Stocks

Penny stocks are quite affordable. There is more scope of the new companies to grow with appropriate trends and the share prices of young and prosperous groups become higher. The stocks grow up to 400% within less time. Small cap stocks are less prone to the huge market movements. The majority of penny stock companies are failure as there is high volatility and low liquidity levels of these stocks. The stocks are risky but it doesn’t mean that they are worthless. There are 2-3% actually reliable companies having actual scope and smart investors do their homework in finding the most reliable stock to invest their money.

Penny Stocks: Find out the Reliable Companies to make Investment

There are many arguments in terms of penny stocks. The majority of penny stocks are worthless and there is absolutely no doubt about it. About 97% of the penny stocks are worthless and fail for different reasons. These stocks belong to small companies incapable of getting from the ground due to inadequate finances, resources and management. Hence, it is essential to find the pearls and recognize the right companies, which can help in making you attain higher returns.

Penny Stocks: Find out the Reliable Companies to make Investment

Penny stock investments are risky as the stocks are highly volatile than the established stocks. However, the risk factor is not only for the case of penny stocks. There are many large company stocks, which can also prove out to be failure. However, the loss to big investors have lesser chances as the market crashes are too less in the case of blue chips. In case of penny stocks, it is worth noticing that these stocks don’t lie on major stock exchanges and hence, the risk factor is on higher side. When the companies don’t perform great, there can be losses for the investors. The share price may drop or increase within short intervals and this is the major reason for unpredictability of the stocks.

The important point is to find out the right ways in making your selection for the right penny stocks. Trading can’t be done in isolation and investors do require outside help to find out the most reliable stocks. You need to acquire knowledge about the interesting stocks and the broad trends on the stock market. Always buy at the right time and also, sell the stocks if you feel that they are not going to do better. There are more of short term investments made in nano stocks and you can select the best companies having good prospects to get best leads for investment.

Take the Right Help to find Best Penny Stocks

Best Penny Stock picks can be attained from these choices:


Internet is the best way to learn about penny stocks. You should never proceed without gathering all the necessary information. There are many specialized websites having a lot of information about general economy and specific stocks. The websites will contain valuable information about financial stats along with the inflation rates, currency values, company news, oil and gas prices and interest rates. There are many sophisticated investment programs containing the graphs of every stock in different sectors of the stock markets. Stock problems are your assistants to make the right choice for your stock purchases.

Take the Right Help to find Best Penny Stocks

When you become aware of the company’s analysis, the results can be checked on internet and the newspapers. There are many stock programs which can help you to find the most amazing results to uncover the best stocks out of the list of thousands in number. Of course, you can’t get too much of returns with a solid company within a short interval of time. A number of penny stock programs online have illustrated different ways to uncover the best of stocks among thousands of options. It is impossible to generate tons of money but investors have reported best results with the best of investment here to read more information about how to choose the best penny stocks,

Forums and Newsletters

There are many websites issuing penny stock newsletters containing the worthy information about the best companies, stocks and the ways to invest in the appropriate stocks. Online penny stock forums are the common places where the interested participants can make discussions based on the product merits giving huge help.

Customer reviews

There are some websites focusing on customer reviews on some stocks. There are many award ratings and programs to refer for investors and you can get diversified opinions on one subject. You need to know your judgment for making decision about the trusted and balanced approach.

Where You Could Find Good Penny Stocks? – Good Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks

Where a person can find good penny stocks will be one of the most common questions that you can make if you want to have great stock investment instead of being trapped with the scams.

Good Penny Stocks

As we all know, those good penny stocks can provide such a huge profit potential, just like the Monster Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: MNST) for example. The MNST stock having its shares that were actually worth about $1.28 in 2004, and then jumped over the $100 mark since 2006 for more than the 7.800% in two years only.

However, the penny stock investment is seen to be kind of risky when even not done in a proper way. Not only that, we have seen the rise of CYNK Technology Corp. (OTCMKTS: CYNK) stock here to be such a perfect example. This stock was worth only $0.10, but it then climbed to $21.95 on July, which brings a gain of 21.850% within more than 3 weeks. One good news here would be how there’s nobody really quitting the jobs, just because CYNK is not indeed a sort of penny stock that is able to make someone richer. There’s another closer look revealing that CYNK contains no revenue at all, or even the assets.

In reality, the company has stated that owning one operating loss of $1.5 million in 2013.

Penny Stocks

It did not even file even a report annually with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Nevertheless, one senior columnist named Michael Santoli claimed that there would be no business available here, and it’s easy to find several kinds of shell companies like this that are all over the counter market.In other words, the company runs a site, which might depict itself as one of the most social marketplace providing contact info for any business individual or specialist for one fee. The truth is that it can’t have even a business that is indeed taking place. Therefore, it’s not strange to know that the SEC has decided on suspending to trade on CYNK stocks when it starts to investigate the company. For this reason, some of the researches here will be exactly what it actually takes to divide any big penny stock winners from the scam ones which try to separate you from money.

How To Pick Good Stocks and Dodge Scams

  • Just attach to the major indexes only in which a large number of penny stocks trades on the Pink sheets instead of being on the major indexes like the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdag. This is really the best bet for several conservative investors. 
  • Try to stick to the major indexes and avoid any scam company that having no fully report financial information. Note that any scam company won’t ever give or report the full financial information.
  • For the Pink sheets, it can place penny stocks in the PremierOX or PrimerOX. The Premier company usually sells for about $1 for each share in which at least 100 shareholders with a minimum of 100 shares per each. 
  • Come to stick to two categories will definitely help to remove any scam and other shell firms. Just dodge those companies, which do not usually provide the detailed financials. Learn what kinds of things could bring you to the following strategy.
  • It’s needed to do more proper researches as it comes to any investment. It’s very important to know where to look at. Where are you going to start anyway? That’s certainly the index that the firm trades on might offer more company’s information.

Find out more about the main article’s subject “Where You Could Find Good Penny Stocks?” by sending questions to the textbox below.






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My writer name is Light, and growing up in a typically diversified Eastern culture, Vietnam, my native homeland where I started my dreamy work path at an early age. I completed my studies at HCMC University of Foreign Languages & Information Technology. I’m truly specialized in finance, stocks, and others relevant.

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How to Invest Safely For Stress-Free Profits (Part 7)

No matter where you get the information, stock analysis looks at several factors (called its “trend”). These factors are volume and volatility.

Volume, you will recall, is the amount of shares that are being moved for a particular stock. Volume is described in the financial journals as either “thin” or “heavy”. In hard copy journals, volume might be noted in special type if there has been a change (either positive or negative) of more than a set percentage.

Online reporting of a stock’s volume will be updated frequently, in many cases as often as every half an hour or less. Regardless, you must understand that volume is only one factor to consider when analyzing a stock and its potential performance in hopes of adding it to your portfolio.

Volatility is referring to the market itself rather than to individual stocks. It is the movement, up or down, or in some cases the lack of movement that will indicate either heavy, light or no trading is going on.

Again, as with volume, this is only one factor to look at, and for a real analysis, more information will be needed. You must look at all of the key factors before making any decisions, regardless of how safe and risk free you think that they are. Do not go off thinking that you can just make a trade and sit back and rake in the dough, it just does not happen that way, at least not in real life.

Analysts look at each factor individually, and then as a whole. You must be able to understand how each piece of the puzzle fits together and what they can mean to your financial outlook and the potential movement of your stocks and other financial products.

Volume is rarely used by the short-term trader because one day’s information on volume does not yield any usable information, however volume usually does tell how well a stock is moving, but not always why it is moving so much.

If a stock has been fairly stagnant for a week or more, and then suddenly spikes up or down, there might be an issue in the air, and should bear careful watching before making any large moves on your part. Analysts use volume for other information as well and to track possible trends. The five basic rules that are used by technical analysts that deal with volume are:

1. If prices are up, or going up and volume is increasing, then prices will most likely continue to rise.

2. If prices are up, but the volume is faltering, then those prices will either increase more slowly or they will start to fall back off.

3. If prices are down already, and the volume is up, then prices will go down even lower.

4. When both price and volume are falling, prices will either slow down or they will slowly start to go up.

5. Flat volume has not impact on stock price at all. That which is neither rising nor falling defines flat volume.

Read more…

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Stock Trading Do’s And Don’ts: How to Invest Safely For Stress-Free Profits (Part 7)
Stock Trading Do’s And Don’ts: (Part 8-14)

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Where To Find Good Penny Stocks? – Good Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks

More and more investors have been attracted into Penny Stocks – the trade for less than $5 per share.

Good Penny Stocks

There are many brokers that have access to the stocks such as Pink Sheets, NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTCBB (Over-the-counter Bulletin Board). Want to buy the penny shares? Wisely facilitate a transaction with the genuine parties by knowing where to find the Good Penny Stocks out there.For those looking for the alternative source of the quick income, be attentive to invest money in the Penny Stocks by contacting the right stockbrokers and avoiding the fraudsters. In most cases, the penny shares purchased online from the so-called brokers are generally safe and profitable.

Reliable Online Resources for the Good Penny Stocks to Buy

In reality, there are many reliable online resources featuring forums and Blogs for the novices to get registered such as E*Trade, Scotttrade, Zecco, Fidelity, Lowtrades, Interactive Brokers, Trading Direct, Choice Trade, and SogoTrade. While E*Trade is known as the best and safest online resource for the good penny stocks available on the stock market, Scotttrade is the secure place to obtain the complete satisfaction. Meanwhile, Zecco gains fame thanks to its fantastic customer services in combination with the low transaction fees.

There are many trustable companies that sell Penny Stocks out there.

Penny Stocks

So long as you can realize the values that are likely to rise in the coming years, it is possible to gain the nice and quick profits. According to many experienced Penny Stocks are the epitome of the speculative stocks. In that sense, investing in the cheap stocks is like gambling and taking risks. The investors are able to obtain the large gains in their investment portfolio if finding the reliable sources to maximize the potential profits. Penny Stocks are normally traded outside the core stock exchanges (namely the NASDAQ and the NYSE). Rather, they are mostly listed and traded on the OTCBB and Pink Sheets. Hence, take notice of the active stocks available on those markets so that you can grow well as the sophisticated investors with the effective trading strategy.

Purchase Penny Stocks with Your Own Methods

After figuring out the trustworthy places to purchase the low-priced stocks, determine if they fit the self-generated investing strategy!


The companies whose stocks trade at cheap prices are likely to be fragile and can go out of business easily that leaves you with the worthless stocks. Therefore, it is not the big surprise when people claim that the Penny Stocks carry the high risk. To make the most of such the short-term investment, invest for the speculative gains, but not the long-term benefits!

After opening the personal account with the online brokerage services on the reliable sites like E*Trade and TD Ameritrade, watch for the stock prices, status, potential, future growth, etc.! The thoughtful researches about the company enable you to make the wise stock investment with the minimum degree of volatility and risk. Before buying their stocks, do remember to investigate the companies’ working status and potential growth in the future. For the good buy, avoid the ones that are about to collapse soon or after. Constantly take notice of the prices’ movements so that you can get the basics of how the stock trading works.

Understand that the Penny Stocks are not traded on the major exchanges! Rather, they are traded “over-the-counter” meaning that you can buy them at an “ASK” price and sell them at the own “BID” price, not the single price. The gain on the investment depends on your ability of recognizing the variations of the ASK price between the sellers. Start trading with the limit orders to take more control over the prices of your transactions!

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Top Trading Stocks Online – Good Penny Stocks | Penny Stocks

The top trading stocks online would be ranked by the Trading Liquidity, which can be assumed to be one ratio defined as the 100-day average volume separated by the shares that are outstanding.

Good Penny Stocks

It’s also the Trading Liquidity offering one special indication of the percentage of Shares Outstanding that would turn over each and every day. Don’t worry since it will calculate those top trading stocks online just to make sure that any of them displayed in the report would be certainly the high-volume stocks, rather than the other hot stocks having the trading volume that was just high for a temporary period of time.

So whenever you’ve heard about the case in which people would like to use the term ‘day trading’ here, it would tell you that the act of purchasing and selling one stock within the similar day. Besides, all day traders would seek to make more profits by the act of leveraging even larger amounts of capital to make use of the very small price movements in the greatly liquid stocks or any index. A few common day trading strategies that might get used by any retail trader would be all exposed here. Know what? Certain stocks are all seen to be the best candidates for your day trading here.

As we know, one standard day trader would look for two different things in one stock, including liquidity and volatility. The initial element would enable us to enter as well as exit one stock at such a great price. On the other hand, the second one, or the volatility is basically one measure of the most expected daily price range in which one day trader has to activate. Besides, it’s said that more volatility would indicate greater profit or higher loss. It’s time to assess the performance for anyone who is so into the day trading. It’s the most expecting to make those triple digit returns every year with the most minimal effort.

In fact, we have seen a lot of day traders losing their money. But now everything can get controlled through the use of one well-defined strategy that you’re totally comfortable when trading. It’s best to improve the chances or opportunities of beating the odds. Then how to assess the performance? As you know, almost every day trader would like to evaluate the performance not quite a lot by one percentage of gain or loss, but rather by how closely they’re meant to adhere to the individual strategies. It’s more significant to follow the strategy much closely than to try to pursue the profits.

Through the act of maintaining the mindset, it’s much easier to identify where the issues would like to exist and in what way to handle them.

Penny Stocks

To be honest, day trading is actually one of the hardest skills for you to master. As a result, several of people who would like to give it a go would fail. However, the techniques depicted above would be meant to aid you and the others in making up one profitable strategy. Then, having proper practice and suitable performance assessment, you will be able to improve your own chances of beating the odds.  

One of the top trading stocks online will be none other than the Bank of America (BAC) whose average daily trading volume through the past three months has been up to 238 million, and now ranking it right at the top of the listing. Another great pick for you is General Electric (GE) having the average trading volume that could fall around 48.4 million. Its most dynamic trading time would be in the early March 2009 once the volume of trading reached 753 million.

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Penny Stocks to Watch (2) Understanding the Penny Stock (Part 1)

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Before you can begin investing in penny stocks, you do need to take the time necessary to find the right knowledge base for the process. That is, you need to understand what the penny stock is as well as how you can invest in them.

What Is A Penny Stock?

The first order of business here is to define just what the term; “penny stock” refers to. The bad news is that there are many mixed definitions out there regarding what this type of stock actually is. Therefore, you need to understand what things are considered to be penny stocks and then how to determine what the stock really is.

For example, a penny stock is a common term used to describe a stock that is inexpensive to purchase per share. This could mean:

· A stock that is priced under one dollar per share
· A stock that is priced under five dollars per share
· A stock that is traded on what is called pink sheets
· Any over the counter, or OTC, type of stock

The United States Securities Division says that a penny stock is one that is valued under the value of five dollars and is traded either on pink sheets (over the counter) or on the NASDAQ.

Value Counts

What you should know is that a company that trades with penny stocks is a company that has a value that is quite low in comparison to other companies. It should have a net worth that is four million dollars or less in net tangible assets.

In other words, companies that are valued higher than this amount, those that have more inventories, for example, are those that regularly trade on the stock market. Those companies often have a good amount of history being up and running.

In addition, they usually have what is called heavy assets. This means that the company has a good amount of real business as well as solid equipment and a good amount of inventory. They are usually set in what their business is as well.

You will find that these companies are those that have fewer inventories, less sales, and are more commonly unknown than those companies that are traded on the stock market regularly. Of course, that’s why they are called penny stocks. In addition, these companies generally do not carry a large amount of business from one quarter to the next. They may not even have defined goals or a solid business inventory as of yet.


One thing that makes penny stocks so, well, frustrating to learn about is that they are often called by various different names. You may have heard them referred to as micro stock, nano stock, micro cap stock, small cap stocks and many other names. If that sounds confusing, just remember that they are generally all terms that rely simply on the fact that the stock is priced below a dollar to five dollar range. In other words, penny stocks are quite affordable, low costing stocks.

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Local Penny Stock Investment Advisors

The trades can be performed by the capital personal investment consultant firms on behalf of these clients and they’re even able to distributing others, bonds, mutual funds, commodities and the shares which for financial problems of their customers. They’re able to ensure to manage the funds optimally in providing advices that are unparalleled in these places, and competent. These people are very capable of keeping most of the records of trades and tax statements for all of the occasions that happen along with your account and annual filing, withdrawals statements deposits.

It’s extremely important to find the best stock broker for your requirements. Choose note that the emphasis is on the finest for your needs precisely because trading targets and your investing, objectives and schemes are as unique as your personality. There are certain criteria that could serve your conclusions nicely. These points to consider could be used no matter targets, your aims and strategies.

In case that you are required to do fundamental choices systems like secured calls check your report is situated up for this.

In case that day you’re looking at exchanging afterward don’t consider a management dealer that is complete. In the event that you believe you will put resources into stocks (extended haul technique) as opposed to changing (fleeting methodology) afterward, a complete administration intermediary may be your necessity.

Little Recognized Facts About Stock Advisor Firms – And The Reason Why They Issue

There are many strategies depending on the situation. One of the very most highly sought after strategies is the dual direction method of trading, as it takes precision and accuracy when dealing with all different factors involved which has been used exclusively by the most successful stock personal investment advisors. The dual direction trading can only just be made effective if the trader would be able to understand where the market could be going. That is as the commodities in hand would either be sold or traded for the better one, which may bring in interest. By knowing which commodity would be successful or not, the stock broker transfer at the precise instant the trade would make interest and should inquire if the market would go up or down.

Since the seventeenth century, the term broker has been used to express fiscal trade agents. They are part of a bigger category called penny stock personal investment firms near by Chesapeake, a group that’s also old. The Middle Ages stock investing consultants close to Chesapeake have already been around and they were liable for raising the monies for kings and queens to wage war.

Eight Very Simple Things You Can Do To Save Capital Investment Advisors

Now there is a stockbroker someone who passed a test called a Series 7 Examination managed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and, as such, has got the qualifications that are required to purchase and sell stock for their clients. There is a broker nothing over a firm composed of, you guessed it, stock advisor firms.

In the event that you’re opening your representative is verified by a record using a little measure of cash allows it. Most financial advisors possess the absolute minimum need to start a record. On the off chance that you are starting with lacking what $10,000 be not considerably regardless. There are likely a lot of people more that have dropped a $10,000 account while there are likely individuals who have developed it.

Several stock advisor firms allow you to place a doubtful amazing until near request and others limit the time that you could keep this kind of request open. As an example , you can even decide to put an offer stop to point of confinement your loss on the off chance the company goes against you. On the off-chance that the mediator evacuates your stop after a specific date and you neglect to reunite it in you could deal with a loss that is astonishing.

How To Lease A Penny Stock Personal Investment Advisors In Chesapeake, Virginia Without Spending An Arm And Also A Leg

Capital personal investment consultant firms’ task is very difficult to be able to reach your goals, since instinct and intellect would proceed hand in hand in the market. The trick can be attributed to the person’s balancing capability to weight implications and the effects of his decision. The capital investing advisors would then have the ability to find the best way provided they possess the proper timing in everything, once every avenue was exhausted. That is why it takes years and years of training, studying and exposure to the market prior to the inventory Brokers can truly be commenced in doing the major business interactions and processes of the corporation.

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If you’re searching for a broker company in your town, it is possible to short list a few of them too. Additionally, it is also possible to research yellow pages and search through company magazines and local paper too. This contain those stock personal investment advisors local to Chesapeake, Virginia which are not recorded on the internet as well or tend not to appear in results on internet search engines and may enable you to choose form a wider options.

Stock personal investment firms are managed dealers in shares and securities who execute trades on behalf of paying clients. To act as most investment advisors, you should be licensed, as the inventory trade would not be able to let just anyone to come in off the road and make purchases. You may require to to rehearse for the career and pass several examinations, based on the nation in which you want to implement if you need to get this permit. It’s also feasible to combine the livelihood of stockbroker with that of expense advisor, and help customers to make expense choices that are a great deal more educated.

NYSE Consumer good sector gainers: (BZ, AXL, WNC, LIZ, XRX)


NYSE Consumer good sector gainers: (BZ, AXL, WNC, LIZ, XRX)

Boise Inc. (NYSE: BZ) surged by 2.92% and closed at $5.99 with overall traded volume of 1.42 million shares. Its PE ratio stood at 3.57. Boise Inc. is a manufacturer of packaging products and papers, including corrugated containers, containerboard, label and release and flexible packaging papers, imaging papers for the office and home, printing and converting papers, newsprint, and market pulp. The Company owns pulp and paper mill operations in Jackson, Alabama; International Falls, Minnesota; St. Helens, Oregon, and Wallula, Washington, all of which manufacture uncoated freesheet paper. The Company also owns a mill in DeRidder, Louisiana, which produces containerboard (linerboard) and newsprint. In addition, it has a network of five corrugated container plants located in the Pacific Northwest, a corrugated sheet plant in Nevada and a corrugated sheet feeder plant in Texas. The Company operates its business in three segments:  Paper, Packaging, and Corporate and Other (support services).

American Axle & Manufact. Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: AXL) closed at $9.31 after jumping up by 2.31% whereas total traded volume stood at 6.48 million shares. Its total market capitalization arrived at $665.11 million for the day. American Axle & Manufacturing Holdings Inc. (AAM) manufactures, engineers, designs and validates driveline and drivetrain systems and related components and chassis modules for light trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), passenger cars, crossover vehicles and commercial vehicles. Driveline and drive train systems include components that transfer power from the transmission and deliver it to the drive wheels. The driveline, drivetrain and related products include axles, chassis modules, driveshafts, power transfer units, transfer cases, chassis and steering components, driveheads, crankshafts, transmission parts and metal-formed products.

Wabash National Corporation (NYSE: WNC) went up by 2.20% to close at $8.37 with traded volume of 992,058 shares. WNC’s total market capitalization ended at $260.22 million shares in the last trading session. Wabash National Corporation (Wabash) is engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing standard and customized truck trailers and related transportation equipment. Through its subsidiary, Transcraft Corporation Wabash also manufactures steel flatbed and dropdeck trailers. It markets the transportation equipment under the Wabash, DuraPlate, DuraPlateHD, FreightPro, ArcticLite, RoadRailer, Transcraft, Eagle, Eagle II, D-Eagle and Benson trademarks directly to customers, through independent dealers and through the Company-owned retail branch network.

Liz Claiborne, Inc. (NYSE: LIZ)closed at $4.74 after gaining by 1.28% whereas overall traded volume of 1.16 million shares. Its total market capitalization arrived at $447.93 million. Liz Claiborne, Inc., incorporated in January 1976, designs and markets a global portfolio of retail-based brands, including JUICY COUTURE, KATE SPADE, LUCKY BRAND and MEXX. The Company also has a group of department store-based brands with consumer franchises, including the LIZ CLAIBORNE and MONET families of brands, MAC & JAC, KENSIE and DANA BUCHMAN and the licensed DKNY JEANS, DKNY ACTIVE and DKNY MENS brands.

Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) reported the gain of 1.14% to close at $9.74 with total traded volume of 19.70 million shares. Its price to earnings ratio stood at 21.17 in the last trading session. Xerox Corporation (Xerox) provides a portfolio of document systems and services for businesses of any size. This includes printers, multifunction devices, production publishing systems, managed print services (MPS) and related software. The Company also offers support and supplies, such as toner, paper and ink as part of its document technology offerings. It operates in three segments:  Production, Office and Other. During the year ended December 2009, Global Imaging Systems, Inc. (GIS) acquired ComDoc, Inc. In February 2010, it acquired Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS). ACS is a provider of business process outsourcing, and information technology services and solutions to commercial and government clients worldwide in areas that include finance and accounting services, communications, transportation, human resources, healthcare, transaction processing, and customer care.




Delta Petroleum Corp. (NASDAQ: DPTR) surged by 9.25% and closed at $0.87 whereas overall traded volume stood at 8.88 million shares. Delta Petroleum Corporation (Delta) is an independent oil and gas company engaged primarily in the exploration for, and the acquisition, development, production, and sale of, natural gas and crude oil. Delta operated in two business segments:  acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas properties and related business activities, and contract oil and natural gas drilling operations. The primary areas of activity are in the Rocky Mountain and Gulf Coast Regions with additional unproved exploratory leaseholds in the Columbia River Basin in southeastern Washington, the Hingeline area of Central Utah, and the Haynesville Shale area of Texas, among others. Total oil and gas leasehold is approximately 813,000 acres.

Star Scientific, Inc. (NASDAQ: CIGX) closed at $2.13 after moving up by 14.52% with total traded volume of 8.42 million shares in the last trading day. Star Scientific, Inc. (Star Scientific) is engaged in the development of very low-tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNA), non-fermented smokeless tobacco products. The Company is also engaged in the development, implementation and licensing of its technology for the curing of tobacco so as to prevent the formation of carcinogenic toxins present in tobacco and tobacco smoke, primarily the TSNAs and manufactures, sells, markets and/or develop very low-TSNA dissolvable smokeless tobacco products, including ARIVA compressed powdered tobacco cigalett pieces and STONEWALL Hard Snuff and modified risk tobacco products. It is also engaged in the development of pharmaceutical products, particularly products that have a botanical, tobacco-based component, that are designed to treat tobacco dependence and a range of neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and depression, and is also in the development of non-nicotine nutraceutical products.

RF Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: RFMD) jumped up 6.15% to close at $4.49 whereas overall traded volume stood at 7.79 million shares for the day.

Pacific Ethanol Inc (NASDAQ: PEIX) closed at $0.54 after increasing by 22.17% with traded volume of 5.80 million shares in the last trading session. Pacific Ethanol, Inc. is a marketer and producer of low carbon renewable fuels in the Western United States. It produces and sells ethanol and its co-products, including wet distillers grain and provides transportation, storage and delivery of ethanol through third-party service providers in the Western United States, primarily in California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho and Washington. On May 17, 2009, five of its indirect wholly owned subsidiaries, Pacific Ethanol Holding Co. LLC, Pacific Ethanol Madera LLC, Pacific Ethanol Columbia, LLC, Pacific Ethanol Stockton, LLC and Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC, each commenced a case by filing voluntary petitions for relief under the Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in an effort to restructure their indebtedness. In June 2010, Pacific Ethanol Inc. announced the emergence from bankruptcy of Pacific Ethanol Holding Co. LLC (PEH) and its four wholly owned subsidiaries.

Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd (NASDAQ: MPEL) reported the gain of 3.89% and closed at $4.27 with overall traded volume of 5.72 million shares in the last trading day. Melco Crown Entertainment Limited (MPEL) is a developer, owner and, through its subsidiary Melco Crown Gaming, operator of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused on the Macau market. Melco Crown Gaming is one of the six companies licensed, through concessions or sub-concessions, to operate casinos in Macau. The Company owns and operates City of Dreams, Altira Macau, Mocha Clubs and Taipa Square Casino. Its other projects include City of Dreams Phase II, Macau Studio City Project and Macau Peninsula Site.

Two Hot Company’s Looking To Save Lives On Two Different Standards: PWRM, PIP

Power3 Medical Products, Inc. (OTCBB: PWRM)

Stem Cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types during early life and growth. In addition, in many tissues they serve as an internal repair system, dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells.

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell.

The latter is where Alzheimer’s research comes into play.

Stage I clinical trials are about to begin using Adult Stem Cells to hopefully cure Alzheimer’s disease.

The first phase of a clinical development program is designed to assess safety, determine a dose range and identify potential side effects

Using (OTCBB: PWRM)’s Biomarkers to identify Alzheimer’s, allows the early stage detection, and early detection means more options.

(OTCBB: PWRM), is right in the fold of this potential cure, as their protein biomarker will allow for the earliest detection.

Early detection is very relevant to cure. And (OTCBB: PWRM) is in the forefront of this fight.

We have (OTCBB: PWRM) on our radar it should also be on yours.

PharmAthene, Inc. (NYSE Amex: PIP)

(NYSE Amex: PIP) a biodefense company specializing in the development and commercialization of medical countermeasures against chemical and biological threats, has recently annoucned that the Company will present at the Noble Financial Sixth Annual Equity Conference ‘ONTRACK 2010′ on Monday, June 7, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. ET in Room 3 – Piquet. The Company’s presentation will be available via webcast under the Investor Relations section at the Company’s website at:

PharmAthene was formed to meet the critical needs of the United States and its allies by developing and commercializing medical countermeasures against biological and chemical weapons. PharmAthene’

s lead product development programs include:

* SparVax™ – a second generation recombinant protective antigen (rPA) anthrax vaccine
* Third generation rPA anthrax vaccine
* Valortim® – a fully human monoclonal antibody for the prevention and treatment of anthrax infection
* Protexia® – a novel bioscavenger for the prevention and treatment of morbidity and mortality associated with exposure to chemical nerve agents

For more information about PharmAthene, please visit