BioMedical Stock Report from PWRM.OB, ACTG, ACOR, PDLI


Power3 Medical’s (OTCBB: PWRM.OB) business focus is the development of commercial applications for their proprietary technologies. The scientific team is on the leading edge of the proteomics industry through their discovery of protein footprints, pathways, and mechanisms of disease. These discoveries are being used to develop screening and diagnostic tests for the early detection and treatment of disease. The protein biomarkers, drug targets, and diagnostic tests are targeted toward markets with critical unmet needs in areas such as breast cancer, neurodegenerative disease and drug resistance in cancer. The Company is in a strong competitive position with over 190 identified biomarkers and a state-of-the-art proteomics laboratory.

PWRM pursues an aggressive intellectual property strategy to protect its inventions and discoveries made on its own and with its collaborators. Power3 Medical works with key physician scientists at major medical research and treatment centers. With access to decisive human clinical samples and superior trade secret proteomic methodologies, the Company provides solutions to pressing challenges in diagnosis and treatment of patients and has concluded research agreements, technology license agreements, and filed provisional and utility patents.

Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTG) announced today that its subsidiary, Telematics Corporation, has entered into a patent license agreement with Navman Wireless Holdings LP.

Telematics’ patented technology generally relates to systems and methods for displaying mobile vehicle information on a map. This technology can be used in navigation and fleet management systems that combine wireless communication with GPS tracking and map displays.

Acacia Research’s subsidiaries partner with inventors and patent owners, license the patents to corporate users, and share the revenue. Acacia Research’s subsidiaries control over 150 patent portfolios, covering technologies used in a wide variety of industries.

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOR) recently announced that Ron Cohen, M.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, is the recipient of the New York Biotechnology Association (NYBA) “The Cures Start Here” Business Leader of the Year Award. The award is presented for outstanding service to the patient community and to NYBA.

“Under Dr. Cohen’s leadership, Acorda recently received FDA approval for AMPYRA™, which represents a significant contribution to the treatment of people with multiple sclerosis,” said Nathan Tinker, Ph.D., Executive Director of NYBA. “Acorda exemplifies the vibrancy of the New York biotechnology industry and NYBA is pleased to recognize Dr. Cohen for his dedication to helping people with neurological disease, and for his ongoing commitment to the growth of the biotechnology industry in New York.”

PDL BioPharma, Inc. (Nasdaq:PDLI) recenlty announced revenue guidance for the second quarter ended June 30, 2010 of approximately $120 million, as compared with actual results of $125.9 million for the second quarter of 2009. Included in second quarter 2010 guidance is $1.5 million earned on Eurodollar foreign currency hedging contracts that the Company initiated in January 2010. Included in actual results for the second quarter 2009 and not included in second quarter 2010 guidance are the second of two $12.5 million installment payments from Alexion and royalties of $18.9 million for sales of Synagis®. The Company does not anticipate receiving royalties for Synagis sales in the second quarter of 2010 due to the ongoing legal dispute with MedImmune.

Introduction to Find the Best Penny Stock Winners

Stock Investments

There are many penny stock investment experts who believe that penny stocks are worth nothing. Investment in small cap stocks is dangerous and the investors need to avoid them for their high volatility. If you are ignoring penny stocks, it doesn’t mean that rest of the world also doesn’t appreciate them. The analysis of these stocks with identification of right companies is never a wrong deal. You may become a part of the future giant by trusting the newbie investors and purchasing their stocks at the lowest prices.

Buying shares of a company means that you trust the particular organization and get issued shares of the associated group. It is the best way to obtain funds from the public and mark the high-end business strategies to get high ROI for the stock holders and of course, the company. visit to read how to choose reliable penny stock companies. Despite of fluctuations, the stock prices of a prosperous company grows or remains consistent. It can also drop, but the percentage is on lower side. The price of stocks drops due to economic problems on global or local basis. Over the time, there are many prosperous companies having rise in price of their shares and it can earn higher fortunes for the stock holders. The financial analysts reveal that many stocks have outperformed all the investment instruments in the long term.

Analysis in selection of the Good Stocks

It is essential for the investors to check out the right company for making investment. There are many guidelines to follow in doing your homework to find out the most appropriate company to make investment. The process is termed as Fundamental Analysis. The stock selection criteria are different for all the people and hence, they should be ethically followed to make the right decision.

The criteria for selection of good stocks are discussed below. There are fundamental and technical terms involved in this process and the penny stocks have to fulfill a certain criteria to find out the most appropriate results.

Important requirements to study a company are:

  • Product: The services or product offered by the company requires the maximum research. You need to see whether the offering of the company has effective requirements among people and are demanded in huge number. If the company produces best products or gives most required services, the probability of its success increases.
  • Profitability: Company’s profit rates and stock prices over a period of three or more years needs to be calculated. The debt levels, assets and financial condition should be taken into reference.
  • Management: The management strategies and key persons of the company should be considered as the associated people with diligence and good reputation always give better results to the company. The financial reports can be viewed to get the better idea about the finance management of the company. CEO is the key person of the company and his/her reputation matters the most in bringing the better status of the company.
  • Resilience: The robustness level and potential to withstand inflation is important to be considered for finding the company’s stats.

Introduction to Find the Best Penny Stock Winners

Technical analysis to select the best stocks

Technical analysis is essential to uncover the best stocks for investment. It attempts in determining the futuristic price trends of any share by analyzing its history and trade volumes. There are many indicators for showing the real stats of the company in the market sectors. The use of these technical analyses can indicate the present achievements of market sectors and helps the investors in selecting the best stocks belonging to a specific sector. The commonly used technical indicators are averages, pie charts, trend lines, bar graphs, supports, volume, relative strength, oscillators and stock patterns. These indicators are represented in different forms and the internet software applications are designed specifically to meet these technical usages.

Penny Stock Arguments

The thinking of investors about penny stocks is different. To begin, they need to understand the real definition of penny stocks. These are similar to other stocks available in the market, but the important difference is that these are cheap in prices (below $5 per share). Actually, the new and small companies issue these shares as they have smaller market cap than other stocks. This is the major reason of the low pricing.

Penny Stocks vs Other Stocks

Penny stocks are quite affordable. There is more scope of the new companies to grow with appropriate trends and the share prices of young and prosperous groups become higher. The stocks grow up to 400% within less time. Small cap stocks are less prone to the huge market movements. The majority of penny stock companies are failure as there is high volatility and low liquidity levels of these stocks. The stocks are risky but it doesn’t mean that they are worthless. There are 2-3% actually reliable companies having actual scope and smart investors do their homework in finding the most reliable stock to invest their money.

Penny Stocks: Find out the Reliable Companies to make Investment

There are many arguments in terms of penny stocks. The majority of penny stocks are worthless and there is absolutely no doubt about it. About 97% of the penny stocks are worthless and fail for different reasons. These stocks belong to small companies incapable of getting from the ground due to inadequate finances, resources and management. Hence, it is essential to find the pearls and recognize the right companies, which can help in making you attain higher returns.

Penny Stocks: Find out the Reliable Companies to make Investment

Penny stock investments are risky as the stocks are highly volatile than the established stocks. However, the risk factor is not only for the case of penny stocks. There are many large company stocks, which can also prove out to be failure. However, the loss to big investors have lesser chances as the market crashes are too less in the case of blue chips. In case of penny stocks, it is worth noticing that these stocks don’t lie on major stock exchanges and hence, the risk factor is on higher side. When the companies don’t perform great, there can be losses for the investors. The share price may drop or increase within short intervals and this is the major reason for unpredictability of the stocks.

The important point is to find out the right ways in making your selection for the right penny stocks. Trading can’t be done in isolation and investors do require outside help to find out the most reliable stocks. You need to acquire knowledge about the interesting stocks and the broad trends on the stock market. Always buy at the right time and also, sell the stocks if you feel that they are not going to do better. There are more of short term investments made in nano stocks and you can select the best companies having good prospects to get best leads for investment.

Take the Right Help to find Best Penny Stocks

Best Penny Stock picks can be attained from these choices:


Internet is the best way to learn about penny stocks. You should never proceed without gathering all the necessary information. There are many specialized websites having a lot of information about general economy and specific stocks. The websites will contain valuable information about financial stats along with the inflation rates, currency values, company news, oil and gas prices and interest rates. There are many sophisticated investment programs containing the graphs of every stock in different sectors of the stock markets. Stock problems are your assistants to make the right choice for your stock purchases.

Take the Right Help to find Best Penny Stocks

When you become aware of the company’s analysis, the results can be checked on internet and the newspapers. There are many stock programs which can help you to find the most amazing results to uncover the best stocks out of the list of thousands in number. Of course, you can’t get too much of returns with a solid company within a short interval of time. A number of penny stock programs online have illustrated different ways to uncover the best of stocks among thousands of options. It is impossible to generate tons of money but investors have reported best results with the best of investment here to read more information about how to choose the best penny stocks,

Forums and Newsletters

There are many websites issuing penny stock newsletters containing the worthy information about the best companies, stocks and the ways to invest in the appropriate stocks. Online penny stock forums are the common places where the interested participants can make discussions based on the product merits giving huge help.

Customer reviews

There are some websites focusing on customer reviews on some stocks. There are many award ratings and programs to refer for investors and you can get diversified opinions on one subject. You need to know your judgment for making decision about the trusted and balanced approach.

Choose the Best Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are also termed as nano stocks. These are tiny investments, which can even earn great amount of money for you. The choice of best penny stocks might lead you towards a great move in the business. If you are wondering in making the right choice for penny stocks to buy, it is quite interesting. Your own homework along with the stock tips by the experts can help you in making the right choice.

Many penny stock websites have the information about these micro cap stocks. Even if you have to pay for the subscription, it would be worth the price. If someone is going to give you free newsletters option, you need to make sure that your own research is essential in making the right choice. Nothing is free in this world and so is the case with the expert suggestions. When you consider the best penny stocks, it is essential to check out the fact that the expert tips require your own efforts to get the right move.

Choose the Best Penny Stocks

Websites having free offers usually have some motive behind their promotions. Most of them are affiliates promoting a stock with their picks. No one would freely give the information if they have nothing to gain by it. The person who sells and purchases the stocks will have all the knowledge about the best penny stocks to make investment. Of course, you will have to put all your money into the right track before making the right choice. Research is necessary to see from where the information is coming. Free information can help you in rarest cases. Even if you are paying for the tips, make sure that you do your personal analysis and research to make the appropriate purchase. Penny stocks can fetch you good money only if you work on selecting them with carefulness.

Buy Penny Stocks for Systematic Profits

There is a tremendous demand to buy penny stocks in large volumes among the investors all over the world. They make purchases to sell the stocks at higher profits. The micro cap stocks sell for less than $5 per share on pink sheets or OTCBB.

Many people are joining the race to trade in penny stocks and attain a huge profit from them. These micro stocks can buy one or two large cap shares in large volumes for subsequent gains on higher side. The profit levels of penny stocks have been recorded up to 1000%, which is a huge percentage in a matter of weeks. Many new investors have become penniless with wrong investment decisions.

Buy Penny Stocks for Systematic Profits

When the stock market assures a lot of profits on different sources, it is not necessary that it would give the required results. Innocent investors talk about these hypes and trust the fake companies for the greed of investing on higher side. There are some experts who illustrate the fake penny stocks and the people adopting new ways to induce the greed among investors. Free suggestions from so called experts will always take something or the other for you. Take the right help at

You should listen to your mind and get the right ideas about purchasing the right stocks. Your heart might mislead you but the use of brain would enable you to take the tight decision. The penny stock portfolio should be made in the right way to include the best of shares in the required proportions. Penny stocks might appear very tempting, but it might not give you anticipated results quite often. The chances to lose are much more than that of earning from these stocks. Penny stocks can lead to financial doom without a master plan and you need to be very alert in making the right choice for the best fortune.